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We are always very happy to receive monetary donations or donations of supplies that are crucial to our work. We accept the following forms of support:

1) Monetary Donations

This will enable CHAT to:

  • Purchase dental supplies (costs approximately $1,500 each trip) and dental equipment.

  • Each trip we also give a monetary gift to local volunteer helpers who join a CHAT trip and pay for their work/travel insurance.

  • Donate to poorly funded orphanages and other institutions we visit that are in need of help.

You can donate to us by joining as a member ($20) and adding an extra donation by filling in our membership form.

For donations from an organization or donations without joining as a member, please contact our Secretary, Ms Melanie Chen (details at bottom of page).

2) Donation of Dental Supplies

We welcome the donation of unexpired dental supplies including:

  • Local and topical anaesthetics (most types).

  • GIC, composite and amalgam restorative materials.

  • Adult strength toothpaste samples

  • Stilex Autoclaves

  • Primer, bond, etch, dentin conditioner, etc. (all preferably not ‘fast set’).

  • Dental dressings e.g. gauze, cotton wool rolls, micro brushes.

  • Any other dental supply donations are also greatly appreciated.

To donate your dental supplies, please contact our Secretary, Ms Melanie Chen (details at the bottom of this page).

3) Dental Health Bags for Children

Every child who attends CHAT receives an oral hygiene information bag. We would appreciate the donation of the following:

  • Donations of children's sized toothbrushes are greatly appreciated, as are toothpaste tubes (not expired).

  • Those who have had treatment receive a hand knitted teddy bear.

  •  If you would like a teddy bear knitting pattern or a bumble bee crochet pattern, please contact our Gift Bag Coordinator, Anne-Marie Burke:

For all donation inquiries, please contact: 

Ms Melanie Chen 


Phone: +61 8 9271 3953


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