CHAT is currently undertaking projects in areas of South & Central Vietnam, where dental services are provided to the underprivileged - including orphans, special needs and very poor children and their carers. You may be aware of the great need for health services in developing countries, such as Vietnam. During each CHAT trip to Vietnam we provide dental services to approximately 400+ patients. We have 4 trips each year = 1600+ patients each year.


Project dates for 2020

  • Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 restrictions, all 2020 trips have been cancelled.


CHAT Objectives

 1. To offer health aid to underprivileged people irrespective of their race, religion or creed.

2. To contribute to education of underprivileged people and their carers in preventive and health care practices.

 3. To provide a forum and collection of people prepared to provide advice in the provision of health care for the underprivileged.

4. To raise funds in support of achieving the objectives of the Team.