How to join


  • Express your interest to our Secretary, Melanie Chen, (+61 (0)8 9271 3953), email

  • Applications are usually accepted on First To Pay BUT it will depend on our balance of team members already enrolled.

  • Apply online:

  • Or print a membership application form and send to our Treasurer, Hanh Ly, email and cc our Secretary.




Apply online:


Print our form for annual membership and send to both Secretary and Treasurer.

Visit your Doctor

Inform your doctor of your intended involvement of working with CHAT - assisting dentists providing dental treatment to children and adults at orphanages and institutions in Vietnam.

CHAT highly recommends Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Typhoid and Tetanus.

Trip Costs

1) $20 annual membership

2) For each trip, add $230 ground cost fees.

The $250 fee is preferably deposited directly into the CHAT bank account (details on the form).

NOTE: CHAT has no credit card facility therefore payment to CHAT by credit card is not possible.

Christian Health Aid Team of Western Australia Inc
BSB Number: 086-455
Account Number: 856 835 363

Customer reference:  [Insert your name]

If depositing from overseas:
Swift address code: NATAAU3303M


  • Our policy is to fill positions on a ‘first to pay' basis. Unless payment is received positions are not confirmed.

  • The receipt of your membership/payment,
    confirms your placement.

  • You need to make travel arrangements, including flights, visa and travel insurance. Your travel agent will do this, or you can organise this online.

Other Costs

You are also responsible for paying airfares to and from Vietnam from your home city, any airfares within Vietnam, and hotel and daily expenses in Vietnam.

CHAT volunteers may choose to use Tony Truong at Asia World Travel, Girrawheen, Mobile: 0418 954 370, email: Asia World Travel only deals with international flights.  Please book with Tony at least 4 weeks prior to departure date; he can arrange your visa too. He will allocate you the 10 kg extra luggage allowance for carrying CHAT materials/supplies into Vietnam.

Departing from WA/Perth:

If you use your own travel agent, or if you book online, you MUST book and pay for an extra 10 kg luggage allowance for carrying CHAT materials/supplies - this is over and above the cabin and luggage allowance for your personal items.  It is cheaper to book this extra weight initially.


Departing from elsewhere than WA/Perth:
If you depart from elsewhere than Perth, you may NOT need to allocate 10kgs for carrying CHAT supplies to Vietnam, please check with your Trip Leader. We do however request you pay our levy of $50 to cover costs of those who carry your share of CHAT supplies.

Read more about costs:

Membership cost

Chat Travel Policy cost

Chat Trip Outreach Cost.




Accommodation for your arrival in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) is to be booked by you at Tuong Vi Hotel in District 10 (not similar named one in District 1) unless you inform us otherwise.


111 Trần Thiện Chánh, P.12, Q.10

Near Ha Do Villas cul de sac

You can do this via the hotel website: -,

or email the manager: and mention Children’s Health Aid Team.

Or travel booking sites such as or can handle this but watch for penalties if you should change your travel dates.


You can advise your accommodation arrangements on your CHAT membership and trip combined form.

Anyone who does not stay at Tuong Vi Hotel (e.g. staying with family/friends), must meet other CHAT members at the front or lobby of the hotel or at CHAT headquarters (HQ) at the pre arranged place and time on the first Saturday before starting orientation, packing supplies and testing equipment for the trip – your Leader will let you know.

​The hotel is basic (equivalent to about a 2 star rating in Australia), but it’s new, fresh and clean. It’s in close proximity to CHAT HQ (about 2 minutes walking distance) and near restaurants and cafes and a 24 hour store. It has a lift and a slow breakfast is provided. There’s a small lobby area at reception where people can meet. Staff speak English. Payment is in local cash (VND).

If Tuong Vi Hotel is booked up due to local holiday seasons, please email the Secretary for information on alternative hotels nearby.

Most often CHAT trips travel away from HCMC on Sunday (or very early Monday) to work at pre- arranged country locations Monday to Friday. This means accommodation at Tuong Vi Hotel is required only on arrival (e.g. first Friday and/or Saturday night), and not again until your arrival back in Ho Chi Minh City the following Friday evening after your week of work at a country location.

Accommodation for your return in any hotel on Friday evening is to be rebooked by you but you need to meet again Saturday morning at HQ for unpacking equipment, supplies, and general tidying up before the next trip arrives in a few months time.

From Sunday till Friday, hotels in the country may have variable booking arrangements: CHAT will book for you and you pay on departure, often in Vietnam Dong (VND), or you will be asked to book the nominated hotel online yourself. If this is not suitable for you, let your Leader know.

Last revised 1.2020

Professional Indemnity

All dental and medical clinicians MUST have specific ‘situational/special’ indemnity insurance that will cover them whilst working in a voluntary capacity with CHAT in Vietnam. Please contact your insurer to arrange this well before departure.

Final year dental students joining CHAT (from UWA & La Trobe Dental Schools) have indemnity insurance covered by their university.

Support staff, such as:- dental assistants, dental assistant helpers and non-final year dental students are covered by the indemnity policy of their supervising dentist.

NOTE for Dental Clinicians: If you have cover with an Insurance Provider other than the Australian Dental Association (ADA), tell your Insurance Provider that at no extra cost, ADA members with ADA indemnity insurance are covered (and those working under their supervision) while working voluntarily with CHAT in Vietnam. Your provider will probably offer to do the same.

Read about CHAT's indemnity policy

Tuong Vi Hotel D10 Booking

Handbooks for occupations

Handbooks for the following team members are available from the Secretary:

  • Leader

  • Dental Clinician

  • Head Dental Assistant

  • Dental Assistant

  • Medical Doctor

  • Handyman

  • Dental Student

  • Helper

Please email if you wish to read about your possible role. 

These handbooks are sent to trip volunteers before departure for your trip.

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