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Many thanks to Hong Hanh Diagnostics Pty Ltd in Ho Chi Minh City who provide valuable logistics and support for our trips.


The following persons can be contacted for further information.

Secretary: Dr Melanie Chen, (+61 (0)8 9271 3953)
Email: chatsecretary@gmail.com

Post: PO Box 64 Inglewood WA 6932

President: Dr Jennifer Chan
Email: jenniferlmchan@gmail.com

Treasurer: Dr Jennifer Chantler
Email: treasurer.chat2017@gmail.com


Former President: Dr David Booth MDSc, MEd, FRACDS, FFOP(RCPA), FICD.
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, Oral Pathologist. (+61 (0)8 9332 6939 / 0407 761 080)
Email: dbo67753@bigpond.net.au


Phil Au:

CHAT Facebook and website administrator

Email: Phil.au@outlook.com

Other Management Committee Members 2019:

Gary Davis, Loc Lam, Gabby Ly, Hanh Ly, Lyn Santich, Wendy Tran, Aaron Wong


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